Here Is How Often You Should Change Your Car's Brake Fluid

Your vehicle's hydraulic fluid is one of the most important yet most overlooked components. Like most drivers, you will rarely think about the brake fluid until it deteriorates - then it becomes an urgent matter. Like any other part, your vehicle's hydraulic fluid requires regular inspection and periodic maintenance from time to time.


So How Often Should You Have Your Brake Fluid Changed?


Of course, you might not have to change your brake fluid that often. Even so, you might always need to keep it in check and ensure that it is in good condition. Besides, you will find the specific brake fluid change interval specified on your car owner's manual to guide you through. A good rule of thumb is that you should have your brake fluid changed every two to five years.


Here are some common signs that your brake fluid is begging for a replacement:


A Dark Fluid Color


Visually inspect your fluid or take it to a trusted mechanic for inspection every two years. Check out the fluid color and ensure that it is clear or transparent. While the brake fluid is stored in a sealed compartment just below the hood, air and moisture can easily leak into the system through the hoses or other brake components. This contaminates the fluid, reducing its efficiency. In this case, the fluid might appear dark in color, which calls for urgent replacement.


The Brake Pedal Feels Extra Soft and Spongy


Dirty or contaminated fluid can impact your brake pedal's normal feel making it soft and spongy. This means that too much air in the brake lines can reduce your brake's stopping power and dramatically increase the stopping distance.


The ABS warning Light Comes On


If your ABS suddenly illuminates the dashboard, it is a clear sign of trouble within the braking system. The best thing is to visit our trusted and certified auto repair shop and have our mechanics run thorough diagnostics and provide solutions.


When it comes to something as crucial as your braking system, you want to ensure that you maintain it in an excellent shape for utmost safety on the road. Suffice to say, brake fluid changing is best left to the experts to ensure that it is done right. If you are looking for brake service at repair, you have finally found us. Contact us today for quality and reliable services.