Safe Driving Tips That Will Get You Through the Back-To-School Season

We're approaching that particular time of the year again: back-to-school season. You may start seeing the big yellow school bus roam around town again as well as children waiting at their bus stops in the AM. As we get back into the swing of things, it is highly advised that you take extra precautions to account for road traffic and other dangers as children return to school. As responsible drivers, we need to understand and practice safe driving when entering school zones to prevent injuries and accidents. Here are our top safety driving tips to put in practice near schools and around buses:


Tip #1 - Lower Your Speed In School Zones

School zones are designated areas around schools and playgrounds to ensure safe driving practices. These zones are displayed with neon yellow road signs. The traffic signs are usually portrayed as two pedestrians or simply a reduced speed limit sign. These spaces are squared off for kids' safety, and you should always remain alert when driving through the region. 


Tip #2 - Watch Out for Pedestrians

Schools are high-trafficked areas, so you will likely have to stop for pedestrians constantly. When you see a crosswalk sign from a distance, you should continue to decelerate even if you do not see anyone present on the crosswalk. If there is stopped traffic ahead, make sure you do not block crosswalks. Most school zones have flashing lights that will signal approaching drivers that pedestrians are present, and you should remain conscious as you come towards every crosswalk.


Tip 3 - Always Stop for School Buses

It is illegal in all 50 states to pass a stopped school bus with a stop sign extended from its body. The stop sign clearly warns that children are getting on or off the bus. Sadly, most bus-related accidents occur because cars do not abide by this law. 


We highly recommend you follow these new traffic patterns to keep you and your community safe! If you need any auto maintenance or repairs before the back-to-school season begins, please call or visit Willow Bend Automotive.